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August 01, 2021





Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Payless?
A. Payless Home Repairs is a full-service home repair and maintenance company specializing in all of the around-the-house handyman tasks that everyone has on a to-do list on their refrigerator.

Q. Who is sent to my house to do the work?
A. A uniformed Payless Home Repairs technician will arrive at your home carrying his own tools. All of our technicians are Payless Home Repairs employees, not subcontractors. We carefully screen each of our employees before hiring, and they are insured and all possess a high level of skill and experience. Our technicians arrive on time, ready to work.

Q. How do I schedule a service appointment?
A. You can call us today for a quick service appoint or fillout our online request form.

Q. How do you charge?
A. At Payless Home Repairs, we charge by the hour. This way our customers are charged only for the time that we actually work.

Q. Can I get an estimate for my job?
A. The smaller jobs that Payless Home Repairs specializes in do not lend themselves to estimates. If you give us a call, however, we can give you an idea of how long a job similar to yours would take.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can either give a check to the technician at the end of the job, or in most areas you can pay with cash and the technician will give you a receipt.

PAYLESS HOME REPAIRS - info@paylesshomerepairs.com - Phone +1 770 873 3820